April 15, 2012

Adventure type of dream

I dreamt last night that I was in England and playing polo with Pippa Middleton and she's engaged with Stuart Townsend. I was the star of the polo game and they are shouting my name as Agassi. Weird! The funny thing was Prince William's job, he's a butler. My horse was the best and so beautiful and they call him Jumpee (cheesy name). I was wearing rj classics everytime I play polo and there are lots of famous people watching me including the North Korean's new leader. I'm not kidding, I really dreamt this and everyday of my life in my dreams I always with my horse most of the time. It's either playing polo or doing work-outs, travelling around the fields, full of adventures. I never tried riding a horse that's not stationary. I remember I have this photo taken 20 years ago that I was riding a pony and he's so small in proportion with me. It seemed that if he could just talk, he'll say get off me, you're so heavy!, lol. I love those equestrian clothing, they're cool and and sexy.

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