April 13, 2012

Alumni homecoming souvenirs

My cousin Jen phoned me yesterday inquiring where my sister in law got those lapel pins that they used as give aways on their newly opened branch. I don't have any idea but Jen was so persistent and asked me for my sister in law's cell number. On hubby's side they don't give cellphone numbers of their siblings to strangers even Jen is my cousin and they bumped with each other once. So, Jen settled with I will be the one to ask my sister in law about it and go back to her the soonest to give the details/info. They will be using these pins as souvenirs on their alumni homecoming. I tell you those pins are really nice but I told my cousin that it doesn't follow that because my sister in law's pins were pretty, it would be the same with her. I reiterated to her that it depends on their design and their color combination but if they want the inhouse designer to do the design for them, it will be fine but of course you are expecting extra cost. I encouraged her to scout for other suppliers online and I bet there are a lot of better designs and with affordable costs.

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