April 01, 2013

April Chores Day

Today is April Fools Day but I didn't do anything foolish to anyone today or been fooled. I was too busy doing chores today that's why I call this day April Chores Day. I've done some ironing of clothes, laundry, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. I was able to do this because hubby brought my son out, a sort of father and son bonding. I was left in the house late in the afternoon so I've accomplished a lot. We went to birthday lunch treat for my father in law and it was awesome because hubby's siblings and their families were all there. We might be seeing each other again on Sunday for my brother in law and niece birthdays. I'm so fortunate to have the kind of family my hubby has, they're all catholics like me, they gather every occasion, and see to it that everyone is there, very close to each other. As I re-read this post, it's kinda thrown everywhere, the thought that I want to share. I'm too tired to to correct them, so maybe tomorrow will do some improvements.

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