April 14, 2012

Awesome Garden

It's spring time and my neighbor's yard would draw attention again. They always win the best yard every year in our community. It's really a skill and talent combined. Talent comprises of ability to see beauty beyond and how to enhace, mix, coordinate and combine all factors of within the so called art. Skill includes knowing how things affect another, it deals with knowledge in science and math. How, when, how much, how long are the questions can be answered through skills. The science of compost is a skill that my neighbor posseses. She does her own organic fertilizer that makes her soil healthy and produces beautiful plants and flowers. She uses a composter and there are many kinds which I don't understand why and are they related / connected to each other in terms of the composting process. Sometimes she asked me to separate peeled skin of potatoes and carrots and she gave me a bucket to save them. Well, I can't wait for another weeks to see her flowers blossomed and they look so healthy.

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