April 10, 2012

Birthday gift for my husband

My father in law, hubby and my son have their birthdays in April. We're done with my father in law and I've found one for my son so I'm just looking for hubby's gift. Last year, I gave him a watch and last christmas I bought him stuff that he needs at work. I'm thinking of things for his car but I remember that he mentioned about mini netbooks. I might give him one because there are lots of affordable brands and it won't hurt my budget. He needs a netbook to check on his email and monitor his stocks daily so he doesn't need to call me and check it for him from time to time. He can now monitor them on his netbook. For sure, he's going to love my gift and he could save some of his reports/documents into USB and transfer them at our desktop computer if he needs more applications and printing tasks. I can't wait to see the rare smile from his face.

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