April 16, 2012

Can decrease cases of car accident

I saw this photo and gave it a good laugh. Somehow true because hubby and I are really two different type of drivers. Whenever I drive, I really concentrate especially on interstate but hubby, his radio is too loud for me, he drinks water, he talks to my son who's on the back. So, when we're in situation like this, I decrease the volume of the radio which sometimes annoys him because he claims he's not hearing anything. Then I start saying he should be focusing on his driving because he has me and our son, stop talking to my son, etc. I know, I'm doing the art of nagging. But when I'm the driver, before I start the engine, I warned him not to talk to me and avoid criticizing my driving that he'll tell me what I've done improperly in terms of driving the car when we got home. When we both see this photo, hubby initially pointed at me and said, that suits you, lol!

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