April 17, 2012

Computer training

Hubby will be doing their company's computer training at home and he was provided with the link of the training application. He will be using our computer and internet connection because the company's hardware resources are having maintenance upgrade. Hubby mentioned about suppliers of routers talking to his boss when he was waiting for the training materials/instructions. There's a pros and cons of doing that computer training at home. The pros, he'll save gas driving to the head office and save meal allowance. On the other hand, he'll be using our resources, power, internet connection and our computer which I could have use for my blogging. Also, if he has some questions / inquiries, he can't have the response right away, he needs to call them over the phone and wish that the line is not busy and the person is available. With a delay on response, means a delay in my blogging tasks, lol! Also, I would be hubby's helpdesk assistant, whenever he has questions, he will be calling me before he calls the office. They have a deadline on that computer training that's why it can't wait until the maintenance upgrade is over.

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