April 21, 2012

Controlling anger

I remember last week when I was picking up the chinese food I ordered, there was a lady who's waiting for her orders talking on her phone and was so furious. She's saying profane languages to the person, lots of cursing and she has violent reactions, pounded so hard the dining table where she's waiting. I don't know, but that behavior was inappropriate. She should control her anger because she's in public and aside from that, too much anger is not good and could cause harm to her health. Whatever the cause of her anger, she could have controlled it and expressed his inner thoughts and feelings the proper way. But, maybe she's on the type of people who anger more quickly and intensely. Every anger is triggered diffently from person to person, they may vary in gender, age and even culture. There are lots of factor why we get angry from time to time and it's unfortunate that for some it's an anger problem that brings grief to themselves and to the others and may turn to a violent reaction that could result into tragic consequences. I hope the lady could find in her heart calmness and forgiveness, may not be too soon but in time. I can say that I'm more patient now when I became a mom, I can control my anger and can keep it for the meantime if it will cause too much humiliation for everyone. But of course I have limits also and that's the time where enough is enough

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