April 17, 2012

Creating Awareness and Support via Photography for Nonprofit Organizations

A picture is worth a thousand dollars. Sure, words can help cultivate and inspire the mind, but for nonprofit organizations, a picture can have lasting impacts. From photos of events to pictures of beliefs you wish to change, photography helps create lasting impressions. Nonprofit organizations need the support of individuals to continue to help accomplish a goal. From preserving wildlife to helping stop violent attacks on women, nonprofits can only survive by the lifeline that is its supporters. Which is why a picture is worth thousands of dollars when helping further a cause.

Support for Social Media

Companies cannot deny the helpful communication tool that is social media. From Facebook to Twitter, social media outlets help create a public forum for which nonprofit organizations can help reach audiences. A social media form is not complete until it has photos. With dozens of pictures online, nonprofit organizations can help discuss particular events or help create awareness for a cause. Those who have earned social work degrees can help point to abuse in schools, while environmental nonprofits can show the destruction being done to the Earth. Images found on social media can be powerful pictures for individuals to share with friends and help build media awareness. For example, a nonprofit wildlife foundation can help display to supports the devastation littering can cause to animals, while an organization for education can help display past achievements.

Website Professionalism

Online websites serve as the first line for providing awareness. Whether in the form of a blog or of an actual website, every form needs photos to build credibility. Photos also help show your supporters about your ability to obtain results. For example, a nonprofit organization for education can use photography to display the success current and former students have gained. Pictures scattered on a website also help discuss certain features your organization may offer. For instance, a nonprofit organization for a woman’s shelter may display the facilities it runs and number of woman it provides assistance to. These photos display your organizations professionalism and need for constant support from everyday folks.

Informational Handouts

Websites and social media outlets serve as great sources for building awareness, but what about individuals who wish to attend rallies or gatherings for your organization? Brochures and handouts help inform individuals who have never visited your website about your cause and, coupled with a few pictures, can display why your organization needs support. Pictures can help direct individuals to your website. Images can help motivate individuals to donate a few dollars. Photographs can even help inform individuals about future events or ideas you had in mind. Placed on flyers and brochures, pictures can help showcase why support is needed and how everyday folks can do their part to help your cause.

Introducing Your Team Members

Nonprofit organizations are not run solely off the support and hard work of one person. It takes the assistance of multiple individuals working toward a cause to run a successful organization. While small bios can discuss an individual’s credentials, such as completion of a bachelor’s degree, past experience and notable achievements, photos help associate the words to an actual person. Pictures help create a welcoming feeling, but they also help prospective volunteers understand who the money is helping support. In addition, pictures of your team members help build your professional image of your company. Every organization will uses images in different formats. Some may use it to help entice individuals to donate money. Other organizations will use it to showcase the devastation being wrecked on nature or humans. While words can help describe a particular event or problem, an image can help create a lasting photo in the minds of your supporters.


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