April 04, 2012

Dreams are Free

Eversince I became a stay at home mom, my shopping for myself toned down and it's more focused on my son's needs. I think I shop for myself  3-4 times a year. I enjoyed shopping especially having those good deals / discounts for my son, hubby and for my family in the Philippines. Why it turned out this way? Aside from I receive gifts from my inlaws which usually are clothes during christmas, mother's day and my birthday, I don't need much. Also, I got wider and rounder, so it's not practical to buy more because I need to shed some pounds and those old clothes that still in style hanged in my closet can still be worn. But of course I'm still longing for that day that I could wear stuff that I like and can afford. Dreams are free so I take advantage of that. I dreamt of having this Anne Klein dress, Hermes bag and Christian Louboutin. Nice huh?

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