April 23, 2012

Family Bonding

We brought our son to the neaby park and we all enjoyed that moment. I walked around the park for 30 minutes as part of my exercise while hubby was incharged of my son. Hubby kept on following my active son up to the need of chasing him because he went too far away. While watching my son, hubby got to enjoy trying the swing and got also his exercise via the chasing my son part. It was a fun-filled day for us because the weather was awesome and the happiness in my son's face was priceless at that moment. It took us almost two hours at the park and when it's time to go, my son ran as fast as he could because he doesn't want to go home yet. Hubby chased him and had a hard time carrying him to the parking lot because he's really crying so loud and kept on struggling. But the moment that I offered him some cookies, it was like a switch, the crying and tantrums were suddenly turned off. Here are some of his photos.

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