April 26, 2012

Fanatic of Disney's Cars

It's amazing to know that children have their own favorites since the day that they were able to distinguish toys / tv/movie characters. I remember when my son was one year old, he loves Elmo and it continued up to his 2nd year and then Barney was added. From 2 years old to 3 years old, no one beats Thomas and friends and now he's a fanatic of Cars, Mcqueen and Mater. It started last christmas when my sister in law gave him a gadget with Cars 2. He started to know the characters and love them. He has this handed Mcqueen shoes from his cousin that he loves to wear even inside the house. He was given a blanket and a comforter too. I love his look whenever he's asking me to reach for his Mcqueen shoes, he kept on saying 'Mommy, Mcqueen please, please, please....' Of course, I always give in because it's more peaceful in the house when he's wearing that shoes while playing.

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