April 06, 2012

Good Friday thoughts

As I was driving back home I thought of what Good Friday is imparting to me as a catholic. I thought that this day is the best time to be stripped of all self-centeredness. I humbly realized those times that I've been selfish and insensitive to other's feeling that Judas reminded me of. Judas betrayed Jesus for a price because of greed, selfishness, self-centeredness and weak faith to GOD. I asked myself how many times I valued physical things over the most important ones? I strongly believe that GOD is so merciful that he loves us very much despite our sins. I know it's very difficult to live life according to what path GOD wants us to take but day by day, we should think beyond physical things because it will help us to appreciate small and simple things that most of the time are the source of genuine happiness. Let's stripped ourselves with focusing more one 'me', 'I' and myself. Let's give and share not only on financial aspect but on simple things like giving out your smile to others because we'll never know it might have been a big help to someone you came across with.

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