April 16, 2012

Graduation Ring

It was April 16, year of tralala that I graduated from college in the Philippines and my mom gave me a graduation ring. I left it in the Philippines and reminded my mom to keep it because aside from it's an investment, it brings lots of memories. When I go back home for vacation I will surely bring it with me. I got curious on what are the latest designs for graduation / class rings so I browse online for images. I found this so pretty class ring and thought of giving one for my son when he graduates in high school. That would be lots of years from now and he might not like wearing a ring because as young as he's now, he doesn't want to wear accessories such as shades, hat, necklace, wristwatch. I know time is changing and hopefully my son would appreciate this kind of stuff. I'm sure he will because I will be tiger mom to him (lol) will insist otherwise I'll tell him that it will break my heart if he won't wear it (like those scene in the movies, acting like fainting so that they can get what they want, lol)

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