April 09, 2012

Halle Berry in James Bond movie

I watched Die Another Day James Bond movie last night and I can tell you that I uttered ohmy! many times when I saw Halle Berry's body. I asked hubby if he misses my Halle Berry's body and he said that I never had that kind of body, what I had was a blueberry, lol! I dream of wearing sexy lingerie but I'm sure I'm gonna puke when I look at the mirror, hahahaha. I can't help to laugh out loud while typing this. I'm imagining all the humps and bumps when I wore one. But why not? I want to feel sexier (as though as I'm sexy already) and there are cheap lingerie available online. Then, I wouldn't let hubby see me because I don't want him to have a nightmare, lol! Honestly I can't imagine myself wearing one because I'm really not myself when it happens. I don't wear things that will make me uncomfortable and I don't need to please myself and my hubby. I'm fine with having a Blue Berry and not Halle Berry's body, lol!

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