April 14, 2012

Housewarming Party

Finally my friend moved to their new owned house after renting for five years. I'm so happy for this couple because they've sacrificed and saved a lot for this house. For those years, they seldom go to any vacation that will require them to spend that much. They spent their annual vacation by driving to the nearby states and toured the area. They don't have yet a child which they've been longing to have but they believe that it will happen in God's time, so they are patiently waiting and praying. They will be having a housewarming party this 29th of April. Their new house is a 2 hours drive from our place so it would be an adjustment for the two of us because we're used of phoning each other everyday and within 30 minutes we're together for some shopping escapades. I'm thinking of what gifts for a new home, I want something unique that she could placed in their bedroom, computer room or bathroom. Those are the areas where my friend stays longer. I want her to be reminded of me whenever she looks at my gift. I will miss her, though it's just two hours drive to see her.

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