April 19, 2012

Hubby's Birthday

I miss posting yesterday because it was hubby's birthday and we just have our family bonding. Both of us are staying away from sweets so having a cake for his birthday would be big NO for hubby. But, for me birthday is not complete without a cake. So, I just bought these small cupcakes which my son and his buddies would love to eat. I placed our usable candle and my son sang happy birthday on his own version. They blew the candle and my son started to eat his share. Then we headed to our favorite restaurant and afterwards brought our son in the park. Then, we bought KFC chicken and I baked some fish and grilled few chicken bbq which served as our dinner and hubby's lunch at work today. It was a simple one which typically what hubby is. Another bonding for us and for my two boys.

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