April 25, 2012

I hate being sick

When spring season starts, I always have an rhinitis allergy. I sneezed a lot, my nose clogged, it's hard to breath and my eyes are itchy and swollen. It's everyday like this until this morning when I did my grocery shopping and it was raining, as soon as I came home, I felt feverish. As I'm typing this post, I'm sipping a hot tea to loosen up my clogged nose and I stayed outside for a couple of minutes to have some fresh air. I hate being sick because I was not able to do any of those tasks in my todo-list except grocery shopping. I fed my son chicken nuggets because I was not feeling well to prepare a decent meal for him. I love spring and summer but these are the season where I suffered a lot due to this allergy. I avoided using tissue because it triggers more sneezing so I use the old clothes of my son and toss them in the garbage afterwards. I hope this feverish feeling wouldn't lead to real fever because I can't afford to get sick nowadays because of my son's upcoming birthday celebration. I drink lots of fluid which bothers me a lot because I need to go to the bathroom most of the time even in the middle of the night, I will wake up. Thanks to my super weapon, White Flower menthol and Vicks, they helped me a lot and of course hot shower where the steam works.

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