April 15, 2012

Looking for a new heat pump

We're going to attend a birthday party two weeks from now and it will be a swimming party for the kids. The host of the party is so stressed with the preparation especially when she learned that their pool heat pump is not working. She got someone to check it and advised to purchase a new pool heat pump. Her question to the guy who checked the pump, how long it would be done and the guys said just in time for the birthday party. But, I suggested to the host of the party that she needs to have a Plan B incase it didn't work. Because we're not sure what's the weather on the day of the party, it might be cold and windy. If ever they were not able to finish it on-time, divert the swimming activity to a play slide or jumping on huge trampoline. Kids easily gets bored if they don't have any activity aside from eating. For sure kids are expecting the swimming part on the birthday party, so if it won't be done, the kids need a new activity so that they still have fun even swimming has been cancelled.

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