April 20, 2012

Male Betta Fish

It's been a year since we gave our son a male betta fish. We thought of giving him the type of fish that would live longer in a fish bowl without the rest of accessories. It got bigger and hubby is the caretaker when it comes to feeding and I'm incharge with the cleaning and replacing of water. My son will feed the fish in the afternoon but we make it a routine to feed on night time. Last week, I thought of giving my son's friend the same type of fish on his birthday because it creates responsibility and I know he'll be good at it. My son is in the age of wanting to play with the fish, he wants to touch it and get it out from the bowl so we still assist him. I told hubby that the fish is his youngest child and used to ask him if he fed his youngest child already, he smiles at me whenever I say that. The other day, after I replaced the water in the fish bowl, I forgot that I placed the bowl to where my son could reach it easily. I was so right, I found him, dipping his fingers in the bowl and wants to touch the fish. He's not satisfied with just feeding, he wants to grab the fish. I know in time, he'll understand.   

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