April 16, 2012

'Momski' as what we call her

We call our friend's mother as momski because she's so sweet and love to hug and kiss us even we're as old as we are now. It's mom + kis = momski, we love her. I remember when they were still in the Philippines, everytime we hang out to their house , there's always something yummy meals for us. She's like our mom and you won't hesitate to come with her and ask for advice of comfort. That's why I'm thinking of sending her gifts for mothers day. I'm sure she'll be suprised about it because her children are the usual senders of gifts and greetings. I heard that she was not feeling well for the past weeks and I wish and pray that he'll be back feeling better the soonest. For sure my friend misses the bubbly momski when she's feeling better. She's older than my mom and she's diabetic. Well, they say that laughter is the best medicine so I thought of sending her something that will make her happy and hopefully laugh so she'll feel well.

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