April 13, 2012

Mother's Day Gift

As early as now, hubby is already asking me what I want for mother's day. Actually I don't have any particular thing in mind because the rest on my wish list are stuff that are not practical to have at this time where I'm not yet working. He kept on bugging me on this because he wants to buy it on his vacation a week before Mother's day. I told him that I don't have anything in mind so he just need to suprise me and I encourage him to shop online because there are many mothers day gifts samples out there. He'll just need to choose according to his budget and perhaps considering if I can use it and I don't have it yet. He wants that I should be particular so it won't be difficult for him to find that gift to me. He worries that I might not like it. Last year he gave me 4 days vacation to San Francisco to spend it with my friends. It was a huge and special gift because I got a 4 days 'me-time' which were all fun-filled days. Whatever gift hubby would give me, I don't mind at all because it's the thoughts that count.

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