April 09, 2012

My oldies love iPad

My mother in law got a new iPad from her work and shared it with my father in law, in short, both of them are hooked. They love the iPad and seldom use the desktop computer that I fixed for them. They asked me to save weblinks on their desktop. They are having fun on taking photos and videos, playing apps games. My father in law is thinking of buying his own because iPad becomes his source of entertainment and what's happening around. The ease of access by swiping fingers on the screen and being handy are their topmost reasons why they love it. The ability to adjust the font size using your two fingers on top on the screen, expanding it more the bigger image and font that will suffice your need. It's so amazing that there's a gadget that fits on the seniors/oldies' need. They can watch and read stuff they want in convenient way. I can't wait for another request from my oldies to do on their iPad the next time I visit them. They might be hooked in a certain game or maybe in facebook. You can never tell. I remember Betty White who's into iPad too. Amazing technology!

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Who says technology is just for the young once. Really cool!