April 16, 2012

New Book Shelves

We have a new book shelves in my son's room and they're sturdy and mounted on the wall. I organized his books according to size which I'm thinking of changing it according to favorites. I placed the favorites one at the bottom so he could grab them easily and the least favorites are on the topmost shelf. But, expect the unexpected my son kept on reaching the least favorites. I'm wondering if I switch places, would he settle or he just want to reach the topmost. I thought of buying him a metal step stool which I know will be sturdy and safe. I prefer metal than plastic and wood stool. I'm looking online for some styles and shapes that I have in mind. Then I'm going to choose the most affordable and with a fair return policy. With this, my son will be independent to reach for whatever books he wants and I feel safe for him doing that. My son has lots of books and he reads them in the manner that he's the only one who fully understand, lol! 

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