April 17, 2012

Online degree programs

Some of you might have known that I took a Pharmacy Technician course last Fall and have my externship in one of the leading pharmacy in the country. I'm done with my externship and at the same time took an Insurance Procedures for Medical Office to widen up my knowledge / background in insurance. I noticed when I was having my externship that there were delays in prescriptions fill and issuance of refill due to insurance issues so I thought I need to equip myself with the knowhow. I'm currently reviewing for the certification exam for Pharmtech, it's a self-review type. The other day, my friend asked me if I don't miss working in Information Technology which is my line of work prior relocating here in USA and becoming a stay at home mom. I honestly told her, I miss it and the pay but most of the jobs right now are being outsource and the job in IT requires continous education so you won't be left behind as technology changes very quickly. It crossed my mind to take online degree programs because I saw that the more credentials that you can present the more chances of you to get a better paying job and for promotion. Todate, I'm applying for a job in Pharmacy Technician, the only problem of mine is my current availability. I can't open it fully because of my son. I wish I could find a good after school set-up for my son. I'm still searching and while doing it, I'm focusing on my review. I have confidence on these online programs because I've earned one and it's a Accounting I which helped me on my first job here in USA. For stay at home moms, I could say that these online programs worked in me.

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