April 04, 2012

Our vacation in Tennessee

It's been 4 years since we had our vacation in Memphis, Tn. We went to Elvis Presley's house and toured other tourist spots. I was 5 months pregnant then, I still remember that I was having hard time during the long drive which compelled hubby to have lots of stop over. Sitting for longer hours gave me incovenience because my tummy was soo huge. Anyway, we had fun staying there for 4 days then we drove all the way to Arkansas to visit hubby's relatives. We stayed there overnight and go back to Tennessee but this time in Nashville. We stayed there for two(2) days and we stop over in Kentucky for lunch then headed home. I thought of doing a post about it because hubby's vacation was finally approved and we're thinking of where to go that's practical. For sure, fishing will be one of the highlights of the trip because hubby has been longing for it. Wisconsin might be a choice this time. Here's my photo taken in Riverfront, Memphis and I was five (5) months pregnant.

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