April 12, 2012

Petition approved

My friends' dad is coming over to USA for good because his petition was approved. I know how excited my friend because of this good news. Her mom passed away two years ago so she worked hard to get her dad because she doesn't have siblings and she wants them be together and closer. Her dad is a Mechanical Engineer and used to work in a multi-national manufacturing company in the Philippines and he was also a professor in one of the top universities in the Philippines. He's still young, 55 years old and wants to find a job here in USA. My friend found a job opening via careerbuilder site that is suited to her dad, operating and will be incharged of hydraulic cartridge. I hope it won't be filled yet within a month because her dad is coming this Sunday and of course they needed to work on his working permit, social security, driver's license and greencard. I wish that my mom and dad could also be with me. Only GOD knows but I'm patiently waiting for that time comes and I hope they could enjoy their last few years being with their grandson.

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