April 14, 2012

Post natal work-out

We went to a birthday party this afternoon, my friend's son turned one year old. She shared her difficulties from the time she gave birth, taking care of her son and having this post natal depression of not returning to her old body size and weight. She's frustrated that it's been a year but still those extra pounds are still with her. She did and still doing post-natal workout in between taking care of her son. In order for her to be consistent on her workout, she bought a City Mini GT 2012 for her son, so that she can jog and run. It has a roomy seat with plush padding, can be easily fold and full recline for babies. It has adjustable handlebar to suit on parents' various heights and can handle 65 pounds weight capacity. Instead of watching her son inside their house, she brings him outside and walk in the park via that stroller, if the weather is awesome. I wish I had that kind of stroller when my son was a baby so that I was able to shed pounds while taking care of him. Ohmy! I was complacent sitting, eating and relaxing while watching for my son. What do you expect? Bigger and wider me!

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