April 24, 2012

Self Pity

My friend and I talked to each other via Skype. She shared her current sentiments and asked me what to do for her to feel better. She's based in the Philippines, married and has two kids who are still toddlers. I know she won't mind if I share with you guys her story because I told her that some people could relate with what she's going through and who knows she let them feel better, knowing that they're not alone on that situation. My friend used to be a Marketing Manager in a leading advertising agency in the Philippines until she got married and have complicated pregnancies that she needed to quit and be a stay at home mom. She takes care of her kids with the help of a nanny and from time to time, she works as a ghost writer meaning other people get the credits of her work. It's tough time for her family and she feels very bad because she feels as nobody. She has this self-pity and kept on telling me that her faith in GOD has not changed, she knows in time she'll be back working again and could do things that she loves to do. She has lots of plans and dreams but she felt that these will not be happening in her lifetime. She's losing hope and somehow gave up with all those dreams that she have. I told her that I'm a believer of dreams, they are free and can come true. Dreams can keep you going and no one should take that away from you because everyone is entitled to have one. I tried to motivate her by reminding her of her sons who are giving her unconditional love, that's priceless. Lots of women want to be a mother but only few were chosen and blessed to be one. Just live each day as it passes and see beyond material things and always trust and talk to GOD because he's always there listening. I will include her in my prayers and may GOD wipes her tears and grant her strength to face life that she has chosen.

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