April 11, 2012

Slow Moving Checkout

My car was brought to an automechanic shop for repair on one of its sensor that's why I settled with the nearby grocery store to buy some stuff that I urgently needed.   It was a very long slow moving checkout lane which most of the customers were saying, "are you kidding me?" Because they just have one register working and it's kinda obsolete. They needed to weigh  stuff on a separate weighing scale then key-in the weight to the cash register and multiply it with the rate per pound. It was annoying, they should have a cash register express. They need to upgrade their point of sale system because this can save them huge money, time and effort/labor. There are point of sale system that provides all your needs to take care of the transactions with complete hardware and accesories in one. Most of POS softwares are user friendly and has effective way to monitor sales and maintain proper inventory system. Inasmuch as I wanted to leave the mini grocery store, I can't because I urgently needed charcoal, soda and my son's favorite cereal. I miss my car, I could have driven to my favorite grocery store.

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