April 11, 2012

Spring Allergy Pimples

I mentioned lots of time here in my blog that I hate winter season except what it does to my skin. I have a smoother face / pimple-free whenever it's winter and opposite whenever it's spring/summer. I have this allergy that caused me to itch and scratch my skin and little pimples are started to show off. In order to hide this imperfection on my face, I use a beauty blender. For some who have heard this for the first time might think of an electric blender, it's not. It's an applicator shaped as elliptical which makes the makeup evenly applied. It reached all corners of your face and it won't irritate your skin because it's latex-free. I saw this product in youtube which turned an ordinary woman face to look like a product of a professional make artist. It's like saying it doesn't pay much to look gorgeous and have a flawless looking face.

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