April 16, 2012

Tow Mater Costume



My son's birthday will be a week from now and he loves Cars specifically Mater. I thought of Cars themed birthday and some of the stuff in my list are ready such as table cover, plates, birthday banner and a costume for a boy. I want him to wear Tow Mater costume on his birthday, but he might be a little confuse that we're not going out to do trick or treat, lol! What will make this birthday party exciting and fun for my son is wearing his Tow Mater costume. I hope he won't demand to wear it any time he feels which might be everyday like what he does to his Mcqueen shoes. I got it from Wholesale Halloween Costumes, it was size 4T. Shipping was fast and it's worth the price for Tow Mater costume but there are few disappointments. I don't know if it's my son's head size was the problem because the hat is too tight and small for his age (he's turning 4). I expect it would be bigger, because you can easily adjust it. Another thing is the size of the velcro on the back and the sides, I think it should be bigger than the actual because I noticed that when my son picked up his toy, it got off. On the sides, they could have provided a string/ribbon to be tied instead of the small velcro or they can make the velcro longer. The string will hold the costume in place and well fitted to the body than the small velcro due to the type of cloth, it's stretchable so a string will hold it tight than a velcro lock. So for the active boy like my son, the costume should be well fitted that's why I'm going to add a string on both sides. But, my son wouldn't care less because he loves Tow Mater. My Tow Mater is going to be a year older, time flies so fast and it follows that I'm getting old. If you want to buy costumes for halloween, birthday or for whatever occasion, check them out at http://www.wholesalehalloweencostumes.com/ and they have lots of good deals.

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