April 27, 2012

Vegan diet

I never heard of Vegan diet until I moved here in USA. Basically, becoming a vegan means NO to these food; meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs, cheese and honey. They only eat plant based food. I don't have anything agaisnt this veganism or whatever you call it but I thought that it has a lot of disadvantages. You're missing healthy benefits of the 'don'ts' in vegan diet. Let's cite omega-3, calcium and iron. I know there are counterparts of these on the plant kingdom but some of them are really hard to find and it takes a well balanced vegan diet to get all the nutrients that our body needs. I can attest that Vegan diet works, it can lose weight and people who's been on this lives longer. I don't have scientific research to back this up but considering my fellow Filipinos who lives in the province/remote, some of them depends on whatever plants they have at their backyard for their daily food supply. They don't have meat or rarely have one because of their status of living. They can't mostly afford to buy so they settle with whatever they have at their yard. Most of these people don't have hypertension and diabetes, they are skinny and they live longer. It really works but of course balanced lifestyle is also needed. Those people have right amount of sleep, they don't smoke, their veggies are fertilizer-free, they live in a less pollution area. My grandmother on my father side died at the age of 86. She lives in the province and her children were not able to convince her to move with them in the city. Her source of food was her backyard full of different veggies. Well, it's a matter of choice and my grandmother didn't chose to be a vegan, it's the circumstance and environment which persuaded her to be one. With due respect to various beliefs/religions, I believe that GOD created these animals to be taken cared of by humans and these animals in return takes care of the humans in different ways. I remember in one of the passage in the bible, Jesus blessed five loaves of bread and two fish and gave it to his disciple to distribute to the people gathered there. So, fish were clearly stated and distributed to the people to be eaten. For me it's over-eating, unawareness of the nutrients the food is providing (more might harm) and lifestyle that needed to be monitored and controlled.

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