April 02, 2012

Vtech Mobigo Fanatic

My son always bring his favorite gadget toy, Mobigo anywhere we go. He wakes up looking for it and the last activity he does before going to bed at night is playing with it. I find ways to hide it and distract him from looking and playing with it as much as I can. The Mobigo is a nice toy because it's educational and fun. My son loves to color, identify which object is different and the Ice game where you move the block of ice that prevents the penguin to have/eat fish.
It was a gift to him last christmas with a Toy Story cartridge and I just bought the Cars last two weeks ago. He loves playing Woody and Mater. I can forget to bring some of my son's stuff whenever we go out but NEVER the Mobigo because that will make him at peace and not to get bored/crabby. Yesterday during my father in laws' birthday, he's so busy playing with it. During my younger times, there's no gadget like this, the only game that I played was a board game. Anyway, one night I tried to browse the Mobigo and played the racing game of Mcqueen which I honestly got hooked. So, when my son fall asleep at night, it's time to clean up the toys, I will always find a few minutes playing. Mom got hooked with Mobigo, lol!

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