April 11, 2012

'We buy Gold' posters everywhere

Hubby is into stock investments and he lost a lot of money when recession started. It was a horrible experience and it still haunts him, the pain of losing money. He says that stock market is not the best place to invest at this time where our economy is still down. It's very risky that's why you should have thorough knowledge before you dive in. It's a gamble, you win and you lose. Hubby mentioned that if he has the money he would love to invest it on Gold. Checking the stats of gold in the past years, it spiked up and continue going up. That's why there's a lot of 'we buy gold' posters and flyers everywhere. I told hubby that he could try collecting coins like what my father in law is doing and start to buy gold online. I remember in 2004, the price of Gold was around $400-$500 per ounce then it went up to more than $1000. I hope hubby would give this a thought and start saving and investing again, by the way quiting smoking would cause more savings, lol.

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