May 16, 2012

American Idol 2012

I'm an avid fan of American Idol show since I moved here in USA, I think it was the time of Taylor Hicks that I started to watch the show but I'm not a fan of him. Though the voting process sucks because there's no limit on voting that even kids can vote for their idol even they just only have good looks and not that much of the singing/performing talent. Tonight is a crucial night for my favorite, Jessica Sanchez, a Filipino-Mexican finalist. She was once voted off, thanks to Judges save power that she got to compete again. I must admit that the main factor why I liked her is because she's part Filipina but her talent is beyond compare. I don't like Joshua's style of singing, I wouldn't buy a record with lots of screaming. I like Philip Philipps' style and some of his songs are nice to hear, they're cool. I just hope that Jessica Sanchez could get through this time.

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