May 01, 2012

Birthday Cake

As I mentioned here in my blog for many times that my son loves the Cars characters so I thought of having a birthday cake that has the Disney's Cars design. I saw a pre-designed one and forgot that I should have ordered one a day before. I was complacent that they have the pre-designed but to my suprise when I came there the night before my son's birthday, there's no more Cars designed cake. Then when I checked the price it's almost $33.00 for a small one so I was fortunate to find a dozen of cupcakes with Cars design and I added a small rounded plain cake. I bought a new small Lightning Mcqueen covered the bottom with aluminum foil and placed on top of the round cake. I took some cupcakes and placed it around. Viola! A Disney's Cars themed cake which my son loves at half of the price. His birthday at home was just a simple one, a get together of my Pinay friends and their families. Next week will be my son's post birthday celebration to be held in my inlaws' house. No diet for the meantime.

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