May 31, 2012

A day in the Zoo

Yesterday, hubby changed his plan for the day, decided to cancel his fishing trip and just bring our son to the zoo. After my son's class, we headed to downtown zoo and parking was full which landed us to the farthest slot. I thought of bringing my son's old umbrella stroller for back-up if he gets tired, he could sit there for a couple of minutes which I used right away because we parked very far from the entrance. The weather was awesome so we're able to check out lots of animals until my son threw tantrums because he wants to stay longer on the grassy area where some children were running around and chasing birds. We needed to go home because we wouldn't want to be trapped in the traffic in time with employees clocking out from work. From downtown, we took the route going to Indiana just to have frozen yogurt there, lol! Yeah, so that our son could have a longer nap too and hubby needed to buy something from Meijer. My son woke up when we arrived the frozen yogurt place. We're so exhausted especially hubby but it was so much fun.

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