May 29, 2012

Dream House

We were invited to my friend's sister housewarming party in an upscale town. We decided to use one vehicle/van and while driving around, the five of us kept on adoring styles of the houses there and we have our own choice for our dream house. When we entered the community, we can't help not to be overwhelmed with the beauty and size of the houses. Upon arrival to the new house, I uttered 'oh my!' it was so awesome, huge and with swimming pool. We waited for the others and we started to tour the house and the amazing part of the house is their home theater room. You can watch a movie, have a sing-a-long and a lot more. We tried the sing-along stuff and we were so suprised how beautiful my friend's voice came out from the manley microphones Musicians friend. The sound from that microphone is so precise and smooth to hear. I loved it! We all joke about buying lots of those microphones because it turns one not so nice voice into a nicer one. Then, my friend told us that it's pricey so another friend thought of a joke by acting that she accidentally dropped it. The housewarming party was a blast and we told the host to accomodate us to their extra rooms whenever we want to stay there and we're going to sing all night long.

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