June 04, 2012

Field trip to Firestation

We were asked to come with our kids for the field trip to our local firestation. It was ok with me because the firestation is just few blocks away from our house. I got there 10 minutes early and waited for the school bus because they were scheduled to be there by 10am. When my son saw me, he immediately said let's go to M. M stands for Mcdonalds. I told him that we're not going to Mcdonalds because we need to see the firetrucks inside. He started to throw tantrums because he doesn't want to enter the building and kept on pulling my hands. When we got inside they were asked to walk with their partners and he kept on taking off his partner's hand from his. They were given the toddler firefighter's hat and he enjoyed it for a couple of minutes then he started to say 'let's go' so I gave him juice to distract him and to keep him walk through the building and listen to the firefighters lecture. In short, he didn't pay attention that much because he's amazed with all the firetrucks and kept on touching the fire hoses. He walked back and forth to check each firetruck and attempted to ring the bell.

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