May 18, 2012

Fish Foot Spa

I saw my friend's photo in Facebook having a fish foot spa and I asked her how it went and she said she can't control to burst in laughter because of the tickling sensation. I envy her but when I thought of is it safe and well sanitized, I had second thoughts. I remember my mother in law when she came to visit my country and tried to have a pedicure in one of those Salon inside the mall in Makati that she was suprised that the tools were not sterilized.  That's what I thought of  Fish foot spa, how do these establishments maintain safety of their clients since HIV and Hepatitis C could be well spread through this fish tank. They should change the water for each client and should be very strict with clients with wounds/cuts or other unwanted rashes on their legs through feet. It so hard to keep this tank well sanitized because the equipment can't be sterilized for it will harm the fish,. I learned that here in USA lots of states banned the practice which includes New Hampshire, Texas, Florida and many more because of the fear that it could spread some infection. Maybe we just need to stick with the conventional way of pedicure and make sure that tools/equipment are well sanitized for our safety because you will never know, business is business which means profit first before safety.

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