May 09, 2012

Going out of business

The other day, I thought of visiting my co-workers and check how they're doing which unfortunately a bad timing because that morning they've learned that the business is going to be closed. One of the managers there can't stop crying while telling me that she's been there for 30 years. I was lost for words to pacify her because I was totally shocked. I remember saying, things will be ok but she replied that it won't because she wouldn't have a job anymore. She's still single at age of 45 and lives with here mom. It breaks my heart to see them crying and what a bad timing my visit was. Then I checked with my closest co-worker, she's 82 years old but I tell you she's still ok and can work efficiently. She told me that she'll just enjoy her remaining years by going to cruises and hanging out with her friends. Her children were all out of state and she doesn't want to move in anyone of them. I never thought that the business will be closed, good for my closest co-worker then, she was able to transfer to another company four (4) months ago. Who would expect that a company like theirs, who's been institution will be closed. The good news is that there are some branches in the north side that still ongoing and these soon-to-be jobless can try to apply. But, they don't think that as an option because it will be very inconvenient to them because of distance. The company will still be open until the end of the month. This situation reminds me that I should save so that I have fallback and prepared for this. I should improve my skills, enhance my talent and never stop learning new things because these will be the keys to be qualified into another kind of job in case you need to switch for personal growth and advancement. 

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