May 15, 2012

Here comes the bride

My bestfriend's younger sister will be married this June 27, 2012 in Florida. It's just a simple wedding where immediate families and few friends are the guests, very limited that's why I was not invited though I'm close to the bride. They are just being practical and doesn't want to cause me inconvenience by leaving my son for couple of days and spending more due to airfare and others. She got her wedding dress from the Philippines which she chose via skype. Her other sister was the one who looked for nice wedding dress and was brought here in USA and it underwent minor adjustments to fit the bride. She didn't have enough time to prepare because she wants to get married in year 2012 and be a June bride. She's so fortunate because she has lots of people around that helped her on the preparation that includes her wedding invitations which is so pretty, reception is at the famous Filipino restaurant. It could have been more special if she'll have it next year or later this year but she wanted to be a June bride thsi year. I was a June bride too, but how it started that women want to be wed in June. I read an article about the history of wedding in the month of June. It started with Juno the wife of Jupiter who's the Goddess of marriage and childbirth. They paid tribute to her through festivities on the first of June. Since then, more women chose their wedding in June. I love seeing brides especially when they start to walk along the aisle, here comes the bride!

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