April 11, 2013

Are you in a bad mood?

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and they differ from each other that's why dealing with bad mood really depends on one's personality. I read that there are lots of causes why a person is having a bad mood. It can be nutrition deficiency, related to the brain chemical process, might have other illness that triggers depression or because of complacent lifestyle. Thank GOD if I'm in the bad mood I don't need to rely on antidepressants, I just need to sleep or talk to a friend and have a good laugh. It always works on me. I read some keypoints to deal and get rid of our bad mood and hopefully it will work on you too. It says that we need to clear our mind and take a breather, for us to relax. We need to do some simple body fitness, clear our brain of negative thoughts especially about people that annoys us, focus on the present start by doing something different for yourself like a new hobby. These things work for sure but I want to share with you the best thought that somehow lift my spirit whenever I feel bad. That thought is 'All men are equal through pain' whatever status or situation you're at, your pain and the others' pain might differ in intensity but just realizing that we are all experiencing pain and nobody is exempted could somehow makes you feel better. Think also that when everything seems falling apart, that's when GOD is putting things together just the way he wants it. Things will happen in God's time and not in our time.

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