September 28, 2016

How to fight depression?

Last year headlines especially celebrities who committed suicide are heartbreaking especially to the families of these people. With the status of our economy which is still bad despite figures/stats that government agencies are telling us, it affects one's way of thinking. If you lost your job or if you're a celebrity, you're no longer getting projects or contracts, this situation triggers negative thinking. The feeling of not having anything that you used to have, self-pity because you're no longer in demand and doesn't know where to go next are some of the fears which lead to depression. People who are bullied and their struggles to fit in and cope with the peer pressure causes severe depression leading to suicide. Having fear and being depress are normal from time to time because of the uncertainties of things around us but if it led to not functioning properly in life and causing unhealthy state of mind, they become serious problems. I'm not an expert on fighting depression but what works for me to combat it, is thinking of my son's needs more than mine. It's like when I'm feeling blue and somehow wants to give up, I tried to divert my attention to my son and tell myself  'will having negative thoughts and losing hope could help my son?  It's like sometimes I feel bad for not giving my son this and that, but thinking the other way around, my son deserves a strong mom. That kept me to combat fears and depression. I tried to write my feelings via this blog and to my journal because it helps to unload sentiments. Being depress are oftentimes caused by too much stress which is usually unavoidable, but I try to relax by taking a nap over doing some chores or sometimes watch feel good movies. The other way to combat depression is by having proper diet and enough sleep. Lastly, is to have a network / avenues of people where you can hang out from time to time to share your feelings and later realized that you're not alone and a lot of people feel the same way. Of course the most important way to fight depression is your relationship to GOD. Let him maneuver your life and I can tell you that no doubt He's so merciful and kind and always there for us. He makes things possible in HIS TIME.

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