May 10, 2012

Lady Antebellum and Colbie Calliat

I brought CDs of Lady Antebellum-Need you now and Colbie Caillat-Coco to hubby's car for a change because I'm tired of AM-news, Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow.  When I uploaded Lady Antebellum, I made sure that the volume is low, just 8 because I don't want to distract him. To my suprise, he turned it to 11 because he liked the first track which is the number hit of the album, Need you now. Then afterwards, I uploaded Colbie Caillat and again he liked the songs especially Bubbly. He doesn't like Adelle's type of songs that's why I was hesitant to play those CDs. When we got into our parking lot, I took the cds and placed them in my purse but he stopped me and wanted to borrow them. Ohmy! hubby is now into country music. I love it!

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