May 27, 2012

Looking for a switchplate cover

Since the spring started I changed some accessories in my son's room such as picture frames, posters, curtains, tissue holder and the last thing that I needed to do is to replace the switchplate cover. I'm looking for a decorative designs and came across with kids switchplate covers site that carries lots of cute designs that my son will surely love and enjoy. I prefer something sporty, it might be about baseball, football, soccer or basketball it will match his lampshade and rug carpet. Time flies so fast, my son's room used to have only the crib and changing table but now, we could hardly move because of his stuff from toys to books and his new bed. I tried to sort some of his old toys and dropped them off to donation bins but his room is still full. The older he gets, the bigger the toys are. Anyway, I hope he will like the switchplate cover that I planned to order, he can now reach the switch without the stool which I dislike because he kept on playing with it by turning it on and off.

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