May 22, 2012

Missing my parents

I miss my mom and dad, it's been more than 2 years since the last time we're together. It was the time that I brought my son who's 18 months and despite the difficulty of bringing a baby, I was able to endure all the hardships because I want my parents to see their grandson for the first time. They were not with me when I got pregnant up to the time that I gave birth. It was a great feeling seeing my parents very happy for having their grandson. If I could just afford to visit them regularly, I would but in my situation right now, it's hard. I miss them so much and I hope God will grant them more years so I could be with them and be able to be with their grandson. It's hard to be away from your parents. I would feel very sad if my son would be away from me especially when I get old. I want to be with my son as long as I live.

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