May 12, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My mom and dad live thousands miles away from me and honestly that sucks because I can't have them around when I needed them. Thanks to the technology, skype, yahoo messenger and facebook that we were able to communicate and see each other for free. We text and call each other from time to time but even we're not keeping in touch daily, we have a strong tie with each other. I miss my mom especially during mother's day because it's been years since I celebrated mother's day and her birthday physically around.  Since I became a mom, the more I got sentimental about the sacrifices of a mother to her child because I'm experiencing it. I fully appreciate what my mom has done for me. Mother's care and love for her child differ from one mom to another and I can say that my mom is one of the best. Yeah, because she's my mom but if there's some criteria to meet in terms of what she went through to raise me as what I am now, she'll be one of the finalist for the best. I was always her priority, my needs over theirs' and they struggled to raise funds for my education, gladly they made ways. Whenever I see my son, I always look back and thought of my mom, what she said to me or her reactions when I did what my son is doing or saying. It makes me smile and sometimes cry. Good words are not enough to compensate their good job as a mother, I will be forever grateful to my mom! I love her with all my heart.

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