May 11, 2012

The No A**H*le Rule book

I always pay a visit to our local library and sometimes to the nearby cities' because they have more selections and lenient policies when it comes to quantity of books, cds, dvds to borrow and the grace period for returning and the cost of the fine. In our library it costs too much for a late fee, no grace period of even one day unlike the others'. Limited quantity and selections that's why I prefer to go to the nearby city's library. I got this book 'The No A**h*le Rule' which is about building a civilized workplace and surviving the one that is not. Honestly, the title caught my attention and it was placed in the today's featured book. Hubby was wondering why I needed to read such book but I told him that it's interesting and it's what is really happening in the workplace. I haven't finished it yet but it's about some employees who are insensitive to their coworkers. They are the mean, rude, uncivil, barbaric, without manners, with the attitude who don't care if they will step on just to get ahead or simply it's their way of life that's why you can call them A**h*le type of person. This book tackles this issue in corporate world. This is so interesting because this jerky/a-howl behaviour affects the morale of the workers in general and initiates unproductivity caused by negative effects to others. When one worker gave you an angry look or frown at you for no reason at all, you, yourself might be pissed off which lead to distraction to your work. I will be finishing this book this weekend and will update this post.

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